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Ruskin Heights Homes Association

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We are always looking for people interested in improving our organization.

How Can You Join?

When you buy a home in Ruskin Heights or Ruskin Village you automatically become a member of the Homes Association. See Article II of the By-Laws. You recieve the benefits of RHHA and are subject to the By-Laws and Declarations of RHHA. This helps maintain a community standard of security, nuisance control, and communication. We value your membership and your input. Please contact the office for more information at 816.761.6050, or email us at


Issues are available at the office. If you do not receive the Jackson County Advocate please let the Advocate know your problem at 761-6200 or visit our office and get a copy that day. If your address is incorrect, the Advocate charges RHHA 75 cents per issue for return fee. Once this happens that subscriber is not sent more issues. Our office tries to correct and update any address changes that we receive or find by research. After you report non-delivery to JC Advocate, advise the office so that they may follow up on your account and verify that JCA has updated your address. Also if the name on the account changes the Post Office will not deliver to residential addresses. Your assessment covers delivery inside Jackson and Cass County.

Who Can Join?

IF you own a home or property in Ruskin Heights Homes Association's you are automatically a member. It is the buyer's responsibility to update the RHHA office of your name and address. Yearly RHHA dues will be assessed on each lot and home. Failure to pay by January 31 incurs an 8% late fee. Please make sure that you have money in the account from which you write your checks. An NSF fee of $30.00 will be charged for returned checks. Further processing can inflict a lien or judgment and court costs. We hope that all members will do their part and not have others pay higher dues.


Members who sell their homes are responsible in notifying the RHHA office to change billing to the new owner. Likewise if you change mailing addresses, please notify the office of your new address. This not only allows assessments to reach you in a timely manner, but also lets the office inform owners when their property is at risk or has been involved in vandalism or other problems.


All members win from our Association. Our office is open from 9 AM to 3 PM Monday through Friday to assist members. Members receive a weekly edition of the Jackson County Advocate. Metropolitan RHHA is run by a Board of Directors who are strictly volunteers. They must be members in good standing (current on dues) and work to make our neighborhood a better place to live. Our office is managed by April Cushing. Insurance and maintainance of the Ruskin Monument and our small area park is also covered. If you are interested in becoming a Board Member contact April for the procedure.


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