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Ruskin Heights Homes Association


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Section 1. (Nominations)

Prior to the semi-annual Home-owners' meeting in June. one Board member should be designated to co-ordinate Activities of the Nominating Committee. The Board Member should be one who is not vying for re-election in the year he serves as co-ordinator. Nominations shall only be made in the following ways:
(A) Nominations may be made by nominating petition signed by at least fifteen (15) members elligible to vote for such nominee, and each petition shall be filed with the Secretary of the Association at least seventy-two (72) hours before the election is to occur. The nominating petition shall state the name and address of the nominee, that he is a member in good standing with the Association,and has his expressed his willingness to serve as a Director, if elected. Each petition signer shall also state his address. Each member may sign as many nominating petitions as there are positions to be filled.
(B) The Board of Directors shall accept volunteers for the Nominating Committee at the Semi-Annual meeting held in June. The acceptance of volunteers for this committee shall be based on equal area representation. If necessary, the


Board of Directors shall appoint additional members, to make representation equal. Such committee shall consist of not less than seven (7) members and shall make nominations of at least two (2) candidates per vacancy.
(C) A Director whose first elective term is expiring, and who wishes to serve a second term, may advise the Nominating Committee of his willingness to have his name on the ballot.
(D) The Board of Directors shall also accept nominations of members from the floor at the Annual Meeting.

Section 2. (Introducing Candidates)

Each candidate for an office to be filled by an election shall be introduced at the Association Meeting in which the election occurs. Candidates may state their address and that they are willing to serve if elected. Campaign speeches shall be out of order on the floor of the Association meeting.

Section 3. (Ballot)

At the Association meeting in which the election occurs, each member or his duly qualified


representative shall be furnished a ballot on which the names of the candidate for office shall be printed, together with a statement of the number of Directors to be elected. The voter will place a cross opposite the name or names of the candidate or candidates for whom he wishes to vote. If a cross is placed opposite more than this number, the ballot shall be void. If a voter desires to write in candidates, they shall be allowed.

Section 4. (Canvassers)

(Canvassers) Before the vote is taken at an election at an Association meeting, the President of the Association shall appoint a committee of at least five (5) members whose duty shall be to distribute ballots, canvass,tally the votes and announce the results.
All ballots shall be finally validated by a committee which shall consist of the Rules Committee and the Chairman fo the remaining Standing Committees.

Section 5. (Protest)

Unless a written protest is filed with the Secretary of the Association within 30 days after the vote on any subject or election, all voting as to those matters shall be conclusive, after which time the ballots shall be destroyed.

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