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Recycle Program Starts May

Leaf & Brush Pickup

LEAF & BRUSH OPENS Saturday, March 14 AT 470 & Raytown Road from 8am-6pm. CURBSIDE leaf and Brush PICK-UP for the Ruskins WILL BE Friday, MAY 1. 1) PAPER Bags of leaves ONLY sealed with paper tape. 2) 4 foot (40 pound limit) of twine tied bundles of sticks. NO MORE THAN 20 items per house _______________________________________________________________________ Top Code Violations Being Enforced Here are the top rules that are targeted for enforcement. These codes violations are the most reported code violations in our neighborhood and are subject to a ticket or other action... Following are the rules: *****NEW TRASH/BULKY ORDINANCE DEFINES LLEGAL DUMPING AS PUTTING your trash on other properties, especially vacant properties and Parks. Owners and residents are responsible for actions of their children, guests or service providers. Trash, Bulky Items, and Recycled Items should not be put out to the curb until the evening before pickup date. Items put out in advance can earn you a ticket; especially those put out just after a pickup. Yards need grass in front/back and side yards to be mowed and kept 10 inches or less- it is as much a safety issue as an aesthetic one. In a City with as much land surrounding it as KC, you need to keep opossums, raccoons, snakes and rodents out by keeping your yards mowed. Keep your kids and animals safe and neighbors happy. Shrubs that block traffic sign or block line of sight when backing out of a driveway or coming to an intersection need to be kept trimmed in order not to be a traffic hazard. Understand which items are no longer covered by City Trash / Bulky Item pickup. Make sure that there is a dumpster when there is a big re-roofing or remodeling job. Call for a dumpster when there is a move out or eviction as this kind of trash is not part of Trash pickup service. Parking in the right direction on the street and in your driveway is legally allowed. Parking in your yard or on any unimproved surface on you lot is not legal. Don’t park on the street going the wrong way, as you will be subject to a ticket.

Ruskin Heights will have the Kansas City Recycle program on every week on Friday. Trash is two 40 pound bags only without stickers. Stickers may be purchased from Price Chopper at $1.00 each Each bag shall contain no more than 40 pounds of material. Recycle goods can be placed in the bin or in other containers like the bin. Use of paper bags for newspapers is also valid. Trash cans are no longer allowed by the city. For those that reycle currently with the K-Mart recycle location, you may still take goods there that are recyclable. One major item is glass bottles (clear, brown and green.)  Curb service will not pick up glass.

1. Bags/bundles curbside by 7 a.m. on Saurday
2. No more than 15 bags/bundles per household
3. Bags and bundles must not weigh more than 40 pounds each
4. Use paper lawn debris bags only, no plastic bags
5. Use only masking tape to seal bags
6. Include no grass, no trash
7. All branches must be bundled and not more than 3 inches in diameter and not more than 4 feet long
8. Bundles of branches must not be more than 2 feet in diameter and not more than 4 feet long
9. Use twine or jute rope only to tie bundles, not wire or plastic tape
10. If wet weather is forecast, cover bags with clear plastic to prevent breakage.

Brochure for Recycle First in KCMO

View the brochure on how to recycle Acrobat PDF file

In a change from previous collections, department officials are asking residents to call the Department of Environmental Management’s citizen service line no later than 5 p.m. the following Friday if bags/bundles are not picked up by the end of their collection week. Residents may visit the department’s Web page ( or all the citizen service line for more information about the collection of leaves and brush, and for more information about the Leaves and Brush Drop-Off sites. The drop-off sites will begin their Saturday hours of operation (8 a.m. until 6 p.m.) March 19. The sites are at 4707 Deramus Ave., and Interstate 470 and Raytown Road.

Also call 311 for scheduling Bulky Pick-up on the second Friday of the month. Bulky will not be picked up. No boxex or bags. No brush or limbs, or construction materials.  You will recieve a confimation number and they will ask WHAT items you have to collect.  The items should not be placed before the preceding Thursday of the pick-up.  Tickets may be issued by codes if you place items too early.  For major trash or construction a dumpster can be rented to remove major refuse.



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For more information call the office at 761-6050.

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