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Ruskin Heights Homes Association

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Ruskin Heights Homes Association Community Service

Ruskih Heights Home Association has Community Service projects every second and fourth weekend of each month. We clean streets of trash, yards of abandoned homes beautification projects, help the CAC, Angel Foods and churches in our area with special projects and needs. Each weekend team leaders lead the service projects. April Cushing and Jerry Mitchell have led these projects for the last year. We always need and welcome new leaders and people willing to spend some time to contribute to improving our neighborhood.

March 14, 2009

We cleaned up 107th Street from Blue Ridge to Bennington and filled 43 trash bags and found several tires that were illegally dumped. Other teams passed out fliers to all of our homes that explain the opening of the Leaf and Brush site with its new rules. Also in the flier were the new trash guidelines for 2009 regarding what you can and cannot put to the curb. Guidelines for Bulky picky which require appointements. Explaination of what will be taken as bulky and what will not be taken was also inclued. Leonard Boeger, April Cushing, Tim Cushing, Leona Dekat, Mike Jakoby, Jerry Mitchell, John Scott,and Helen Wardlow, were the team leaders and workers. We had eight Community Service clients working on these projects. Below are some pictures of our work.

March 28, 2009

March 28, 2009 brought freezing rain and snow of a winter storm magnitude. That did not stop the Ruskin Community Service Team from cleaning up sticks and branches from the Delmar Triangle Park, and illegal dumping at the Ruskin Presbeterian Church. We also had a team of workers at the Angel Food Ministries at Hickman Mills Community Church, and working with the Ruskin Presbeterian Church cleaning and stripping the floors. Our team leader / workers this week were April Cushing, Tim Cushing, Jerry Mitchell, Cheryl Ferris, John Scott, Goldie Wilder and the Janitor of RPC. April, Jerry and Tim loaded trucks with branches. We had eight clients helping with the other projects as well as our team leaders. A Big Thanks to those who braved the terrible weather to help clean and improve our community. Pictures to follow

March 14, 2009 photos

The photos show the work on 107th Street. The bags are placed together for pickup during the week.


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