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Ruskin Heights Homes Association

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This page contains the numbers of services. Need to know phone numbers are listed for your convenience.

K.C. Refuse Department

For collection of bulky, oversize items, junk refrigerators, washers, dryers, furniture, etc. phone 311 or 816-513-3490 to make an appointment. (Building and construction materials, discarded tires, tree branches, and trimmings are no longer accepted.)

Trash Disposal is on Friday. You are allowed two 40 pound bags of trash. Leaves are not accepted.
For questions or complaints on trash and garbage collection, please call 311 for assistance or follow up with the RHHA office at 816-761-6050.

WalMart Recycle Center
Take your recycle goods to the recycle center at WalMart at Bannister Mall and Hickman Mills Drive.

Community Assistance Council
10901 Blue Ridge Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64134
Phone (816) 763-3277
Fax (816) 763-5785
Hours are from 8 am - 1 pm. On site food pantry, with clothing, school supply, utility and housing assistance available. Also Meals on Wheels for senior citizens.

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Important Numbers to Know

Mayor 513-3500
City Council 513-1368
City Manager 513-1408
Chuck Eddy 513-1615
Alvin Brooks 513-1602
City Hall 513-3600
Representative Micheal Brown 763-7567

All Emergencies dial 911
For Police, Fire and Medical life threatening Emergencies call 911. 
All City Problems dial 311
To ask questions or report problems with KCMO provided Services City services include trash pickup, bulky item pickup, leaf & brush sites, recycling, housing code issues, vacant property, illegal dumping, park/playgrounds, snow plowing, pot holes, animal control, and other problems. Please call first the City’s 311 Action Center and report the problem so that they can assign a case number to track your problem.  Your Homes Association can only help get your problem remedied if we have the number assigned by the Action Center.
For United Way or Personal help 211
United Way can provide assistance locating financial assistance during a family crisis, to finding adequate care for an aging parent, food banks, utility assistance, and other safty net programs.

Police Non-Emergency
Gas Leak
Power Outage
Animal Control
Water Main Break
Illegal Dumping
Snow Removal
Action Center
Street Light repair
816- 513-9280

Police Report a crime


Police Desk SKC general info


Fire Department Non emergency


MAST Ambulence non-emergency info


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If you have any other numbers of services that you find useful let us know at our email or phone us at the office.

Ruskin Heights Homes Association * PO 9697* Kansas City * Mo 64134


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