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Ruskin Heights Homes Association

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Ruskin Heights Community Churches

All the following are Kansas City, Mo 64134 mailing addresses.

St. Matthew the Apostle; 8001 Longview Road 763-0208;  Father Lloyd Opoka

Ruskin Heights Baptist Church at 113th St. & Bristol Terrace 761-3946;  Rev. Lonnie Johnson  

Ruskin Heights Presbyterian Church; 111th & Ruskin Way; 966-9764;  Reverend Carla Libby Gentry  

Ruskin Heights Lutheran Church; 10801 Ruskin Way; 761-6815;  Pastor Russ Saltzman

Longview United Methodist; 7205 Longview Road; 763-7100;  Rev. Emanuel Cleaver III  

Hickman Mills Community Christian Church; 5809 Red Bridge Road 761-5441;  Rev. Terry Diehl  

St. Timothy Fellowship at 6809 Longview Road 763-7111

Greater Works CME Church; 7424 E 107th St; 763-5600

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