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Community Service Group

Residents work as leaders with Community Service workers as team members distributing informational flyers and handling beautification projects in the Ruskin Heights, Village and Hills area communities. 
For more information, contact:  April Cushing at 816 761 6050
The roup meets in front of Ruskin Shopping Center’s Dollar General on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the Month at 7:45 a.m. and work until noon. Volunteer and help clean up your neighborhood. 

2nd Fridays Meetings

2nd Fridays Meetings – sponsored by your 6th District Council Representatives. Location: Trailside Community Center
  9901 Holmes Road every 2nd Friday of the month from 7:30 to 9 a.m. One Friday out the month, our 6th District Council Members (Cathy Jolly and John Sharp) meet with their constituents to discuss what the council is doing, city and district challenges and to get community input.

Communities Creating Opportunities
(CCO) Meetings At St. Matthews

St Matthews, the Apostle, Catholic Church at 8001 Longview Road on the 4th Monday of the month at 7 p.m. CCO started as a faith based organization of local churches and has been active in the neighborhood and city for years. CCO is a grass roots organization focusing on redevelopment of community neighborhoods. Members and project volunteers are always welcome.

Community Asssistance Council

The CAC which is a not for profit organization provides emergency assistance to residents of the Hickman Mills School District.  Volunteers are most welcome. It is open from 8:30 am to 1 pm at 10901Blue Ridge Blvd.  Call 816.763.3277 for more information.

WIC Clinic at Baptiste

Vital services for women, infants and children are available for those in need in the Hickman Mills C-1 School District and surrounding community every Tuesday at the Baptiste Educational Center.  This clinic has been set up in addition to the services also available at the city’s Health Department offices located at 2400 Troost Ave on Thursday and Friday.  WIC Clinic at Baptiste Educational Center at 5401 E. 103rd. For more information call 816.513.6360.

LINC (Local Investment Commission)

LINC is a nationally-recognized organization known for its efforts to improve the lives of children and families in Kansas City through its Caring Communities initiative and for its focus on improving services that families depend upon -- education, child welfare, health, neighborhood development, seniors and others. 

Hickman Mills School District

Caring Communities – Site Coordinator Contacts:


School Site


School phone

C.C. office


11115 Bennington

Kansas City, Mo 64134

Crusita Fuentes




11600 Food Lane

Kansas City, Mo 64134

Angela Myres




8650 Ruskin Way

Kansas City, Mo 64134

Wanda Thompson




9601 James A. Reed

Kansas City, Mo 64134

Treva Kinney



Santa Fe

8908 Old Santa Fe Rd

Kansas City, Mo 64138

Erma Wright






11400 Cleveland

Kansas City, Mo 64137

Freddie Cheirs




9400 Eastern

Kansas City, Mo 64138

Tasha House




10900 Marsh

Kansas City, Mo 64134

Onita Omorodion




These are some ways to volunteer your time and talent to help take charge of your neighborhood. if the same people do all the work all the time, they can burn out projects die. Please take some of your time to help make your neighborhood the best it can be.

Ruskin Heights Homes Association * PO 9697* Kansas City * Mo 64134


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