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Ruskin Heights Homes Association

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We hope to use this page to keep members updated on each other and on the latest happenings within the organization.

Board Members

Executive Board Members:
President: Tim Cushing
Vice President: Eva Miller
Treasurer: Virginia Woods 

Members at Large: 

Ellen Cook 
Leona Dekat
Cheryl Farris
Micheal Jacoke
June Hamilton
Leo Hamilton
Kimberlley Hatterley
Katherine Hoetzel
James Hoetzel
Charles Johnson
Sandy Sexton
Nancy Simrel
Helen Warlowl

LaRieta Boyer and April Cushing painting homes


Janice, Shirley and April at the KC Neighborhood Alliance Exposition

Soul of the City Fundraiser for CCO

Communtity Churches Organization had a fundraiser Thursday, Sept. 27 with great food and great entertainment. Auctions were held for items donated by local churches and business.
Music entertained the guests and completed an enjoyable and successful evening.

Tim and April Cushing represented Ruskin Heights Homes Association

Standing Committees

Assessment & Finance - Virginia Woods

Public Information - April & Tim Cushing

Restrictions - Leo Hamilton

Rules - June Hamilton

Service - Katherine Hoetzel

Ruskin Heights Tornado Memorial 50th Rededication - Sandy Sexton

April Cushing - Office Manager

See Brett Anthony's interview with Sandy Sexton, aired January 4, 2007.


April Cushing with her Community Service Crew to work on the Monument Tree Arbor

Jerry Mitchell, April Cushing, and Shirley Dobbins working on trees arbor


KC Star Article on Monument

See Dan Weinbaum's interview with Sandy Sexton and Tim Cushing from the Ruskin Heights Homes Association about the memorial rededication

Interview Tim & Sandy

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Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.

Ruskin Heights Homes Association * PO 9697* Kansas City * Mo 64134


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