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Welcome to our web site!

Ruskin Heights Homes Association is comprised of 1875 lots in Ruskin Heights and Ruskin Village. Owners of these lots are members in the RHHA. Our office phone number is 816-761-6050 and our Fax is 816-763-6603.

As of July 31, 2009 this site will no longer be updated due to change in Tripod billing. To view the new 2009 website click

Largest Home Association

Ruskin Heights Homes Association is the largest homes association in Missouri. Established in 1953 it has served the community through the Ruskin Tornado of 1957 and erected the monument seen in the picture above. Board members are elected in November to serve a calendar year. They meet the second Tuesday of each month. Homeowners meetings are in May and November. Members are welcome to Board meetings. For information call the office from 9 AM to 3 PM Mon-Fri.

Coalition First Block Party


The Hickman Mills Prevention Coalition, in collaboration with the Kansas City Missouri Police Department’s South Patrol Unit, is inviting the public to their first-ever Mobile Community Block Party with a Purpose, Saturday, July 10 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Ruskin Park, 114th and Ruskin Way. This is the first of two planned block parties (the other TBA) designed to connect neighbors and neighborhoods with resources that can lead to a safer Ruskin Heights and Ruskin Hills community.

“We want to get better acquainted with the neighborhood and we really want the neighborhood to know that the coalition is here,” said Marva Moses, the director of the Hickman Mills Prevention Coalition (HMPC). “But the main goal is for neighbors to meet neighbors. That alone can lead to safer neighborhoods.”

Several state and local leaders are supporting the HMPC’s block party initiative including Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser, Sixth District City Councilmembers John Sharp and Cathy Jolly, U.S. Representative Emanuel Cleaver II, state representatives Michael Brown, Jason Holzman, Kate Meiners and Roman Lee LeBlanc and Derrick Johnson and Dwayne Bowe of the Kansas City Chiefs and many of them plan to attend. “This will be an excellent opportunity to meet some of these community leaders and decision makers,” Moses said. “They can answer questions and share information about community issues and concerns.”  Food and resource information will be provided.

The Hickman Mills Prevention Coalition consists of civic and neighborhood leaders who want to foster a safe, healthy and drug and alcohol-free environment throughout the Hickman Mills community and the Hickman Mills C-1 School District.

For more information, contact: John Baccala Public Information Coordinator Hickman Mills C-1 School District (816) 316-8240 or  Marva Moses  Director Hickman Mills Prevention Coalition


FREE HIV Testing will start on a once a month schedule....Beginning on Sat, July 18 at Community Assistance Council, 10901 Blue Ridge Blvd, from 9am-noon.

Other dates will be sent as we can get them arranged.

New Weatherization Program Guidelines

Just released are the new income guideline for the Kansas City Weatherization program. The entry has risen to %200 of the poverty income standard. If you would like to apply for this program you can download the forms listed below, or contact April at the office who will insure that your forms are correctly completed and documentation required is enclosed. Only 1000 of these will be approved on a first come, first serve basis. To see the program click on the first link below. For the PDF application click on the second link.

Kansas City Weatherization Program

Application PDF form

Community Service Program

Every second and fourth Saturday we have Community Service Projects working in our neighborhood.  April Cushing and Jerry Mitchell have been leading this project for a full year.  They have taken teams to clean up trash in vacant homes and on street patrols.  They have worked with the local churches and food pantries to bring a much needed service of helping hands to many local projects.
April and Jerry have worked very hard on this project with the help from team leaders such as LaRieta Boyer, Micheal Jacoke, Billy Saylor, Helen Wardlow, Shirley Dobbins, Tim Cushing, Golde Wilder, Marianne Melina, Gaynelle Cooper, Cheryl Farris, Clyde Envig, Kathy Alivernia, and many more who have donated their Saturday mornings to making YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD improvement.
We need volenteers to help with the ongoing work in the next year. Call the office and talk to April on how you can help take charge of your neighborhood and your future.  It takes more than two or three people to make this project work.

Delinquent Notices Mailed

January 31st has long since past.  Deliquent interest on all accounts has been added and billed.  A new mailing will be sent to all known addressess.  If you have NOT provided a valid address you are sitll liable for all fees that incrue.  Please note that The Ruskin Heights Homes Association is currently pursing litigation on all past due accounts.  If you have not recieved this litigation it might behoove you to pay your account in full before this reaches your property.title.  Major offenders will no longer be tolerated.  Many thanks to all our members who year after year pay their dues.  At less than 75 cents a week or $3 per month the amount is small compared to other associations. 
Please note that we have recieved payment from our legal actions.  It is best to deal with what you own now to avoid other expenses. 

Urban Renewal Plan

We are currently working on an Urban Renewal Plan to freeze the property taxes in our area.  This plan would allow a homeowner that lives in his home to do repairs or maintainance on the home at a set amount of say $5000 or more. 25% of that would be on outside work and the net result would allow the homeowner to apply for a freeze on your property tax on your home for ten years.  The work would not have to be all done at once, but the threshhold would be needed to apply. 
This would help our homeowners in these troubled times to fix their homes and not boost their taxes.  We are working on the footprint of the area we wsih to apply to this plan.  The cost can range from 7 to 10 dollars per house plus the $4000 fee to do a study of the area.  This could also be written for business improvements as well as homeowners. The incentive to make the local businesses look better and foster new stores would also improve our area.  Further information will be coming soon. 


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Julu marks the end of the Tripod site.  Tripod is charging monthly fees and will maintain sites but not allow updating.  Please visit the 2009 site at for the latest news. 

We are working on helping our neighbors improve their homes and our neighborhoood.  Community Cleanup program is going into the second year and we wish to thank all those who help.  We meet every second and fourth Saturday we meet at Ruskin Heights Shopping Center at 8 am and work until noon.  You can come and help.

Chapter 62 is in effect and tickets have been issued. All items for trash should be separated into different piles. BULKY translates into appliances and furniture. Still call 3-1-1 for appointments. MOVE-OUTS ARE at the OWNERS expense. ANY construction needs a dumpster. NOTHING can be out for any TRASH DAY till the DAY BEFORE its collection. PLEASE help us keep our area clean. Dumping at a vacant house is NOW illegal dumping and is a ticketable offense. People who use other services for lawn clipping pickup should not put items out in plastic bags. Make sure your service will pick up the items and mark them properly so that you do not receive a ticket.

Ruskin Heights is a Pilot Area for the City's Trash Chapter 62 Tickets. ANY plastic bags left at the curb are a target for these tickets.
We have talked to LAWN CORP and asked them to notify their people, especially in the Ruskin area, to ONLY use PAPER YARD BAGS for lawn materials and NOT to PUT THEM OUT any earlier than 3pm the day before pick-up.

We have been investigating methods to improve our neighborhood. These range from the Urban renewal plan, to forming a CID to improve your neighborhood and obtain other grant funding for improvement. There are currently weatherization programs available for the first come first serve. Paint and improvement options are available. The income maximum has changes, so be sure to contact April at the office (761-6050) if you have need. Tell your neighbors that these programs are here today to benefit our homeowners. April has the forms and will help fill them out properly so that you have the best oppurtunity to get some help from the stimulus and city funds.

The Leaf and Brush site has been fairly easy access to dump your brush on Saturdaysf. There will be NO FEE for KC residents. You must bring proof of residence in a drivers license or a tax bill. This is a wonderful change back to free drop off for KC residents. The site is open from 8 am to 6 pm on Saturday.

We have caught people illegally dumping their trash on vacant home property. The ticket for that is hefty. The New Trash Ordinance is being enforced by the City. Two free bags are allowed plus recyclable goods. A 3rd bag or MORE, MUST have a Trash Bag Sticker. Anything other than two trash bags may be a ticket able offense. The second part of the ordinance decrees that NOTHING will be picked up from a vacant house or noticeably vacant home. This means that move-outs will not big picked up. This includes trash bags and or any bulky items. Landlords are fully responsible for disposal of trash via a dumpster. All bulky pickups for normal homeowners must be made by appointment by calling 311 for an appointment. This is ONLY bulky items NOT construction debris, yard waste, or bagged or boxed trash. Tickets will be issued on the house that violates these rules. The Homeowner will be responsible for the fines and or liens incurred by the city to charge for removal. This could range from $50 to $500 per occurrence. This important enough to post it again in June.

There will be no excuse for owners who violate this new city ordinance. The Homes Association is making this information public, to help its members. Tickets have been issued for past violations. The new tickets and administrative tickets will result in a traffic ticket type fine and a lien on the house for removal of trash. You could be issued a warrant for your arrest.

CID Formation

Ruskin CID presentation TIF

Also is a copy of how 3 Trail CID was set up. Click on the TIF file to view.

3 Trails CID example


Community Assistance Council Can Use Your Help!
CAC is looking for interested volunteers to become Meals on Wheels drivers. The time commitment is about 2 hours per week, one day a week (Monday through Friday),  to deliver hot, nutritious meals to homebound individuals. The commitment is minimal, but the rewards are great. This is often the only face-to-face contact these people have during the day. You must have a valid driver’s license and insurance. If interested, please contact Pam Meek, 816-763-3277, ext 108.
CAC’s food pantry is low on noodles, canned meats, laundry detergent and dish soap. Donations of any of these items would be appreciated.


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